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Abiotic Oil Debate and Peak Oil
Oil was produced, or is being produced?

Abiotic Oil: Science or Politics
A refutation of abiotic theory from Italian chemistry professor Ugo Bardi

Considerations about Recent Predictions of Impending Shotages of Petroleum
From the perspective of modern (abiotic) petroleum science

Deep Hot Biosphere, The
Book by Thomas Gold supporting abiotic theory

Drilling & Development of the Oil & Gas Fields in the Dnieper-Donetsk Basin
Technical report on Ukranian oil fields

Fuel's Paradise
World-class contrarian Thomas Gold has a theory about life on the planet: It's pumping out of the Earth's crust - and it's swimming in oil

Gas Origin Theories to be Studied
Information on planned June 2003 meeting sponsored by American Association of Petroleum Geologists. It was cancelled and rescheduled for July 2004. That one was cancelled, too

Gas Resources Corporation
Papers and commentary supporting Russian-Ukranian theory of abiotic petroleum. Includes Introduction to abiotic theory and a link to NPR radio interview
Genesis of Hydrocarbons and the Origin of Petroleum, The
Highly technical paper presented by one American and three Russian scientists - From the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Mystery of Eugene Island
Self-replenishing oil source in the Gulf of Mexico

Odd Reservoir Off Louisiana Prods Oil Experts to Seek a Deeper Meaning
More on the Eugene Island oil field

Origin of Petroleum
From a discussion forum

Petroleum: A Renewable Resource?
Brief overview of the pros and cons of abiotic theory

Sustainable Oil?
Article on abiotic oil

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